• Noraa Eilsel

    Cool layout

    May 22, 2017 by Noraa Eilsel

    I like the look of the BRS Wiki the most

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  • BlackRockShooter123

    Black ★ Rock Shooter Strength Dead Master Black Gold Saw Chariot Insane Black ★ Rock Shooter White Rock Shooter

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  • MatoRockShooter

    ​​Black Rock Shooter is my favorite anime, I think her and Hatsune Miku, are like sisters, so I made this.

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  • アゼム

    I'm new here (though, I've been checking things here since last year, but don't know what to edit) and as a fan of B★RS as well as Cardfight!! Vanguard, I'm just going to list the fan-made cards I thought of here (though you'll find other characters than B★RS series). Sorry for the sudden barge in. I hope I might find some other Cardfight!! Vanguard fans here (as well as a B★RS'). I actually have other 2 clans (and this one is actually the third one I created)... but I feel like it'll be disturbing to post them here too, unless the Wikia accepts it. \( ̄ー ̄)ヨロシク!

    ※Reminder: True Potential is a fan-made named ability.

    Normal Unit     (Twin Drive!!)

    Race: Battleroid      


    Flavor Text:

    • Major Arcana ⅩⅦ, "The Star".


    • 【AU…

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  • JanethePegasus

    Hello everyone! This is my first blog here, so, treat me well. In here, you'll be asking my versions of Black Rock Shooter, Dead Master, Strength, Black Gold Saw, Chariot, Mato, Yomi, Yuu, Saya, and Kagari! Now, i'm not gonna list ALL of the differences with the official versions but i can but it in short.

    • Black Rock Shooter - Strong and trustworthy, always defend the ones she cares, her knowledge of the real world is lacking but Mato can help her, and her brith was strange, being the size of a ten year old and moving on in the body of a sixteen year old, but in real world detail, her age is 6. Yeah, i wasn't jokeing on that!
    • Dead Master - Calm and smart, acts motherly to BRS (after all, BRS is 6 years old in the real world.), a bit of a fas…
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  • DestinySonata

    The capsule where BRS is kept arrives at San Francisco. BRS wakes up in the middle of a battle between the surviving human resistance and robots controlled by the alien invaders. BRS then decides to join forces with the humans under UEF-PSS and they begin their mission to eliminate the enemies staying in San Francisco. They are also called to open the gates located at near the shore. On the way, they encounter a generator. BRS is then ordered to take this down. After that the team is attacked by an armament, two of the PSS members defend from it and the whole team questions why BRS is doing nothing. In the Normal Ending of the generator mission, the two members die. In the Good Ending, BRS intervenes and saves them. Later on, after reachin…

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  • ShanaAisaka

    Black Rock Shooter

    September 2, 2012 by ShanaAisaka

    Black★Rock Shooter Relased Pv Movie . Just said cool when you see this video

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  • Fairy Maid
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  • SazBlackRs


    May 10, 2012 by SazBlackRs

    So guys this is my1stPict Black Rock Shooter' '~Hand draw' '


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  • YoKuMiTsU-pyonpyon

    I Went inside a weird old house when went the lights shook to my eyes and then I became blind.....

    When I woke up everything was black and white..I looked around and all I could see were people looking at me!!

    Their eyes were different..their clothes were strange but then this girl pulled out a sword tried to kill I do not know what for I asked for her name but she just repeated what I said!

    Guess who's she???

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  • Bluejuice

    I hope i can always giving my best of knowledge abour BLACK ROCK SHOOTER! BECAUSE I'M A FAN OF SUPERCELL/HUKE/BRS.PROJECT!

    If you want to follow the original character design huke from Supercell on twitter [ since i can't give you the link ]


    I always followed Him/Her to know about BRS Recent updates [ my Japanese is bad, tough! ]

    I'm looking forward working here, sharing informations with you all. Thanks!

    ~Anata o shitte oite mo yoi!

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  • Aster Selene

    How it's going now

    March 24, 2012 by Aster Selene

    I'm having problems with the internet right now so it's difficult for me to finish the cleanup but I'll work as hard as I can. In any case, since I started work help would be appreciated since you guys now how I'm working now.

    I thought about the Strength situation. Yuu Koutari should cover the original Yuu Koutari, and Strength should cover Strength. This is merely because the ending of the anime has Yuu resuming her life as Yuu and Strength spending the rest of her life as Strength again, so it should end like that.

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  • Vx94

    What's Next?

    March 20, 2012 by Vx94

    We know that the B★RS anime finish this March 23, but there's a lot of characters that Huke has made and they're so epic. For that reason I think there might be a second season, but the hard part will be introduce each one of the characters into the story, create their human part with their own story, and introduce them into Mato's life. How do you think could be the second season and what characters will appear (If it's announced)? Or in the case that is announce a new OVA, the same question.

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  • Aster Selene

    I feel kinda snobbish for writing these blog posts when I'm not an admin or anything but I feel like it's kind of my job to explain what I'm doing since lately I'm the one who's been writing most of the stuff in regards to the 2012 anime.

    Post-Episode 8, I'm doing what should have been done a long time ago and splitting all of the pages.

    For instance, our (obviously) most recurring character, Black★Rock Shooter, will have separate pages for:

    • a disambiguation page, with all the below pages listed
    • her huke concept
    • her appearance in the OVA
    • her appearance in the anime
    • Rock (from Innocent Soul)
    • Insane Black★Rock Shooter
      • Insane Black★Rock Shooter's huke concept
      • Insane Black★Rock Shooter's appearance in the anime
    • Black★Rock Shooter BEAST

    All of the other pa…

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  • Aster Selene

    Okay, so I think Episode 7 gave us all the info we need to sort Yuu and Strength in the right places at least for the article. We have two approaches we can take now.

    We have two articles: Yuu Koutari and Strength.

    Option 1 is place the original Yuu Koutari's profile within the Yuu Koutari article, and the Strength profile within the Strength article. This would likely be the most intuitive and easiest to mentally process for one who's already seen the anime; however, despite the fact that you really shouldn't be reading this wiki if you don't want spoilers, it does have an inherently spoiler-tastic feel to it.

    Option 2 is place Strength's profile within the Yuu Koutari page and mention her backstory, complete with pictures, and say within th…

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  • Aster Selene

    The problem of Yuu is going to be a tricky one, since we now seem to have three characters on our hands:

    • The original Koutari Yuu (whom I am labeling as creepy!Yuu)
    • The current Koutari Yuu, who may not be the same as the original Yuu at all (I am labeling her as spirit!Yuu)
    • Strength, who may or may not be identical to the original Koutari Yuu

    In the hopes to keep this organized, I have a request - this is a request, as I'm not an admin or anything so people can just ignore me, but for the sake of my organization compulsiveness and sanity

    • please do not edit Yuu/Strength's pages, or make or delete pages regarding Yuu, until the issue has been cleared up in a later episode or the anime finishes and
    • please do not make any edits regarding Yuu/Streng…
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  • Shalakumoss

    Speculations and theories

    February 25, 2012 by Shalakumoss

    It is known that Black Gold Saw has some sort of hidden agenda; in episode 4, when she is choosing a cup.It is possible that the black icons on the cup represent each student who lost their memories. The fact that when Kagari eyes turned into the "gear" like pattern.

    [1]The change in Kagari's eyes.[2]Kagari acts cold towards MatoYomi's eyes however are already have the "gear", Mato too.

    [3]The eyes of Yomi.[4]Oh no! Kyubbey has turned them into witches. XD. Refer to Mahou Shoujo Madoka.

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  • Aster Selene

    I decided it's too much work to constantly keep updating the character pages so I think I'll wait until the anime is over and then I'll do them all in batch updates.

    That of course doesn't mean other people shouldn't edit so if you can fill it in to the best of your ability that'd be great and I'd really appreciate it. I am however a massive detail freak so I'll prolly go back over them after the anime's done.

    I'll still do detailed anime recaps.

    ...Good god why am I obsessing over this, this is a wiki...

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  • Bereisgreat

    Great news!

    A television ad has announced on Friday that a Black Rock Shooter anime will run in Fuji TV's Noitamina timeslot in the January season next year. Noitamina producer Kōji Yamamoto and Black Rock Shooter creator huke both confirmed the news on their respective Twitter accounts.

    The official website has already launched a preview page whose meta tags list the figure maker Good Smile Company, the composer Ryo, the creator huke, the anime studio Ordet, and the musical group supercell.

    Yutaka Yamamoto, the supervisor of the Black Rock Shooter video anime and the founder of Ordet, reported on his Twitter account on Friday that the new project is not his.…

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  • Herald of meridian

    Translated from

    Good day everyone! I am the manager of the Black★Rock Shooter Official Site.

    I have been receiving a few notifications recently. Here are some of them:

    1. Weekly Famitsu Journal Decides to Publish Articles on BRS Game - On its January 27, 2010 issue, the weekly version of famous video game publication Famitsu Journal announces that they will write articles related to the second chapter of the Black★Rock Shooter RPG.
    2. Trivia Column "JRPG History" Starts! - At the launch of the "JRPG History" Trivia Column on the page, limited edition Black★Rock Shooter THE GAME shirts will be given away for free for the winners of the Quiz section of the column. (The column appears to focus on trivia regar…
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  • Azure.twilight

    On November 24, Image Epach is holding a conference, upon which they promise to show the future of JPRGs. Among the 8 games set to be announced, Black★Rock Shooter will be first in line. Good Smile Company will be among those in attendance.

    The event will be live streamed over NicoNico Douga


    Credit goes to Duckroll @ Neogaf.

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  • Herald of meridian

    12:48, August 20, 2010 (UTC)

    A Short Maintenance and Then Some

    Okay, after a lurking user has noticed how the voice actor articles are segregated, I've decided to take it out along with the articles for Youtube, Nico Nico Douga and Hatsune Miku. I hope it doesn't anger the creator of the articles as it is really needed (the added articles wouldn't have that much content either).

    For the three seiyuu articles, links to their Anime News Network or Wikipedia will be provided. Same goes for Youtube and Nico Nico Douga. Hatsune Miku is a different story though, as do the Black Rock Shooter Song article. since Aster Selene is an active user from the Vocaloid Wiki, I think that a nice link between the two Wikis would be good.

    heraldofmeridian♣ 12:48,…

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  • Aster Selene

    Some ideas I threw out there:

    • Ordet is not mentioned, and it seems to have nothing to do artistically-wise with the Ordet production. (Notice that the art-background looks nothing like the Otherworld, and that B★RS looks different from her OVA counterpart.)
    • An After The End scenario does not quite fit the "parallel universe" scenario presented in the OVA.
    • Otherwise, B★RS and Dead Master would have to be time traveling, spirit traveling, and utilizing magic at the same time - so the After The End Earth would have to be a very different Earth.
    • Ordet's website even says distinctly that B★RS and Dead Master are in a "different world" and that their fight is happening "somewhere simultaneously". Thus, Mato is not likely to be involved.
    • huke has not m…
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  • Herald of meridian

    Uh, maybe it's an exaggeration.

    But what's true is that there's so much change that happened between the pilot episode and the OVA itself. As fellow user of this Wiki and also member of the Vocaloid Wiki, Aster Selene points out what changes Black Rock Shooter has been through after the release of the pilot.

    Dear god, I was watching the pilot for the first time in a while and dear GOD I found out the differences...
    ...I have a feeling that many scenes were re-drawn completely. Possibly they may have even changed the plot..

    The comparison (Ignore the quality difference, that much is inevitable)

    So, some things I think were changed as you can see from the picture above.
    1. The eyes. Holy crap the eyes. Yomi's eyes were sort of teal-ish in the ori…

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  • ShadsRocksMySocks

    PLEASE NOTE! If you have not yet watched the Black Rock Shooter OVA and do not wish for spoilers, please do not continue to read this article from here on.

    Well, to me the OVA was amazing. Though, it left a lot of things open to be questioned at the end, but with that it leaves high hopes that they'll continue this into an actual anime. My basic understanding or guess of the story is this; At the beginning where the main title screen emerges, you already see an epic battle occurring between Black Rock Shooter & Black Gold Saw. No one knows yet as to why they're fighting, but it ends to a sudden stop when Black Gold Saw stabs Black Rock Shooter through the stomach which then explains as to where Black Rock Shooter obtained her scars. Then onto t…

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