Nakamura Hanako

Hanako Nakamura is a character in the Innocent Soul manga. She was a stagnant soul, who makes and lives in an illusion of her own school.


Hanako was originally a lively and intelligent girl, but due to the abuse of her companions, came to feel like a wreck that only served thoughts about being molested. She therefore created the illusion of a school for shelter.

She likes reading books and playing pranks on people. She has a very livly personality.


Rock and Ron entered the school, and after opening a classroom door a box full of flour fell on Rock's head, while Hanako appeared, laughing. After they got cleaned up and changed, Hanako offered to give them a tour of the school, seemingly ignoring everything Ron said, much to his annoyance. Rock got changed into a school girl outfit, the uniform of the school. When Rock and Ron were about to leave to find the stagnant soul elswhere, she stopped them and told them they could not leave. She then showed them a video about her life, her suffering in school and her death, which provoked an outburst of anger in Rock, and their fight began. Hanako had cornered her but Rock managed to break free and destroyed her headphones, which appearantly she had used to keep from listening to the voices of her classmates who had tormented her. Hanako collapsed into a heap of agony, shouting for them to shut up. Rock, sensing her pain, kills her out of pity. Afterward, Rock faints and Hanako ends up being devoured by Dead.

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