La Storia Black★Rock Shooter Original Soundtrack is the soundtrack album of the Black★Rock Shooter anime. It was released on June 22, 2012 under the Aniplex label.

Tracklist Edit

  1. La Storia [The Story]
  2. La Tavolozza [The Palette]
  3. Good Morning (おはよう, Ohayou)
  4. Distorted Town (歪んだ街, Yuganda Machi)
  5. Precious Things (大切なもの, Taisetsu na Mono)
  6. The Blue Flame (蒼い炎, Aoi Honoo)
  7. Waltz of Loneliness (孤独のワルツ, Kodoku no Warutsu)
  8. A Promise (約束, Yakusoku)
  9. Towards the Future (未来へ, Mirai he)
  10. Passing Each Other (すれ違い, Surechigai)
  11. Invisible Chains (見えない鎖, Mienai Kusari)
  12. La Storia ~ il destino [The Story ~ the destiny]
  13. Twisted Memory (ねじれた記憶, Nejireta Kioku)
  14. The Way Home (帰り道, Kaerimichi)
  15. Waltz of Loneliness ~ Loss (孤独のワルツ ~ 喪失, Kodoku no Warutsu ~ Soushitsu)
  16. La Storia ~ lo specchio [The Story ~ the mirror]
  17. The Cracked Skies (ひび割れた空, Hibiwareta Sora)
  18. I'll Be Right Next To You (となりにいるよ, Tonari ni Iru yo)
  19. Ruined Scenery (蝕まれる風景, Mushibamareru Keshiki)
  20. The Second Promise (二度目の約束, Nidome no Yakusoku)
  21. Lunch Break (昼休み, Hiruyasumi)
  22. The Lost Memory (失われた記憶, Ushinawareta Kioku)
  23. Waltz of Loneliness ~ Hell Fire (孤独のワルツ ~ 業火, Kodoku no Warutsu ~ Gouka)
  24. Il Paradiso [Paradise]
  25. Proof (証, Shirushi)

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