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Black★Gold Saw (OVA)Black★Gold Saw (anime)Black★Matagi
Black★Rock-chanBlack★Rock ShooterBlack★Rock Shooter (Anomaro-P)
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Gameplay Guide/RecordsGeshumaruGolden-senpai
Gray's LongswordGreat Black SwordHanako Nakamura
Hatsune MikuHiro KuroiHooded figures
How Much Louder Do I Have to Shout?HukeI Can't Hold Back My Tears Anymore
Insane Black★Rock ShooterInsane Blade ClawInsane Cannon Lance
Kagari IzurihaKing SawLLWO
LLWO's Mechanized BowLa Storia Black★Rock Shooter Original SoundtrackList of Characters
LovenessMEFEMEFE's Axe
MZMAMZMA's Cannon BladeMachine Gun
Maid GunnerMaryMato's Mother
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Realtime Authorize Interactive Line ServiceRockRock-chan
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SAHA's Armed SuitSZZUSZZU's Claymore
Saya IrinoSchoolSeven Shot
SkullStagnant soulStar-shaped Phone Strap
StellaStrengthStrength (OVA)
Strength (anime)Su-sanSupercell
Sword and Shield (Chariot)Takuu KoutaThat So Full of Tears Endured
The Hope From When It Shouldn't Have ExistedThe Seven ApostlesThe Sky Embraced by Dawn
The Tiny Bird & The ColorsThe World I Dreamed of One Day Closes UpThreshold
TigerTightmare EllyUnderworld Vulcan
White BladeWhite Rock ShooterWhite Scythe
White WingsWish Upon the Star Shooting Through the DarkWyler Gibson
XNFEXNFE's Three-pronged ClawYomi's Mother
Yomi TakanashiYomi Takanashi (OVA)Yuu (OVA)
Yuu Koutari★rock Cannon

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