Love-chan is bored. How about I sing a song to you~?

Loveness (ラブネス, Rabunesu) is a character exclusive to the Android-based social game Black★Rock Shooter Arcana, designed by Taiki. She resides in the Arcana World, and has the theme of Major Arcana VI, "The Lovers".


Type: Close-quarters combat type

Special Skill: Tying a cherry twig from inside her mouth

Likes: Giving presents

Dislikes: Theories

Loveness is known in the Arcana World as a self-centered troublemaker. She often makes promises that she cannot fulfill and ends up running away from it. Her personality is optimistic and prefers joking around. Although her looks and outward appearance might be alluring to some, she hates being treated with malicious intent. Despite being a member of the secret society, she continues to long for someone who she can rely on. Some say that her singing is so terrible that she can stop a volcanic eruption just by singing at the crater.

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