Metal Powered★Sumako (金属パワード★須磨子–Kinzoku pawādo ★ Sumako) is a mascot designed by huke for the GSC (Good Smile Company). She is mostly controlled by GSC as their mascot for their 10th anniversary.

Appearance Edit

Metal PoweredSumako is a pale skinned girl with short hair seeming to ascend upwards as they reach the back of the head. Her hair and her eyes are all in a yellow tint colour. She wears a helmet-like hat with yellow patterns and a smiley face in the middle, on the sides are two flowing ribbon-like attachments. Her hat was revealed to be called the Metal GSC Mascot #1.

She appears to have a black bikini top similar to which BlackRock Shooter has. She seems to wear her white tee very unevenly, with it the right sleeve cascading down her arm while her left sleeve stays on the shoulder. Her right claw is different from her left, with her right claw is white unlike her left which is black and looks armoured. Her black leather-like pants pass her thighs, the middle is split revealing her striped panties, connected to her belt and her tee behind her seems to be a toy object. MPS doesn't seem to wear any shoes but black sock with a thin yellow stripe

Her weapon seems to be a large black sword, with blue patterns and a smiley face, fixed to the ground is called the Metal GSC Mascot #2.

Personality Edit

Metal PoweredSumako is been said to have four personalities from an outsider's view. In fact that her hair is actually squid-ink pasta and not udon and when you touch it, black ink will come out on your fingers.

She is also said to smell like squid if you go too close, she cannot stand bad smell, but when the GSC controls her, she seems to widstand it.