Ninja zero two
Ninja Zero Two is part of the supporting cast in Huke's Black★Rock Shooter. She does not appear in the OVA.


Ninja Zero Two is a girl with short, black hair. She is also shown to possess another form of the skeletal claws that other characters have been shown with.

She wears a black, open-back dress with short puffy sleeves that's tied together in the middle of her back by a small string. She also has large stitches on her arm. She also wears puffy bloomers and has a shorter black frilly skirt. She also has an assortment of black ribbons at her lower back which are attached to the skirt. On her legs, she has thigh high stockings with garters to hold them up. She wears short black boots with a white stripe at the very top. Also, her stockings have wide opening around her knee joint. Her eye colour looks to be pink.

Her weapon seems to be her claws, seeing how she has no other weapon pictured with her. I believe her claws are suppose to be a Japanese poison tipped claw.