Rothcol Shepard
Rothcol profile
Name in Japanese ロスコル シエパド
Romaji Translation Rosugoru Shiepado
Appears in Black★Rock Shooter THE GAME
Voice Actor (Japanese) Kenji Hamada
Personal Info
Gender Male
Age 31
Classification Communications and Support
Affiliation/s UEF PSS

Rothcol (ロスコル, Rosukoru), or Rothcall outside Japan, is the communications and support specialist of the UEF-PSS in Black★Rock Shooter THE GAME. A calm and intelligent man, Rothcol holds the view that although fighting isn't right, it is necessary for Humanity's survival.


Originally an academic, Rothcol joined the UEF-PSS after the death of his niece at the hands of the alien invaders. He hated being powerless so and joined the PSS so he could protect his world. On September 25th 2051, he witnessed the awakening of humanity's final weapon and like his comrades was amazed by her power.

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