Name in Japanese ストレングス
Romaji Translation Sutorengusu
Appears in Black★Rock Shooter (OVA)
Role Minor character
Voice Actor (Japanese) None
Voice Actor (English) None
Character Profile
Gender Female
Weapon/s Ogre Arms
Human Counterpart Unknown (implied to be Yuu)

Strength (ストレングス Sutorengusu) is the incarnation of the Strength character appearing in the OVA by Ordet. She is implied to be the the "other self" of Yuu.


Strength's appearance in the OVA is nearly identical to how she appeared in her original concept. Unlike in huke's artwork, however, in the OVA, Strength's eyes are hazel (with the circular pattern akin to all "other selves") instead of white. The reason for this change is unknown, but it is very likely done to give a connection point to Yuu, as she is the only other character with hazel eyes and eyes are used as a connection point for "other selves".


Nothing is known about her personality, because she was only shown looking at her battlefield and jumping down a cliff.


She is shown approaching Black★Rock Shooter and Dead Master in their battle (but in a different part of the Otherworld), while at the same time Yomi's feelings of being "left out" grow darker. After jumping of the cliff, she has no other actions in the OVA.



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