"Tiger" is a stagnant soul in the form of a tiger that appears in the Innocent Soul manga series. This stagnant soul is responsible for the death of the Black Star Acta and is a rarity as a soul that has a pure animal form.


This tiger-like stagnant soul appears in a bamboo forest somewhere in the Threshold, which is probably the soul's domain. As Acta and Rock approach this bamboo forest, the stagnant soul quickly attacks the two Black Stars. Acta confronted the stagnant soul first, but was quickly overwhelmed by the tiger-shaped soul's fighting capabilities. Ultimately, the tiger claims Acta's life, causing Rock to fight the tiger in her fallen comrade's behalf. This time, the stagnant soul falls in the hands of Rock.


  • Enhanced Reflexes - The tiger could dodge Rock's attacks Rock easily.
  • Enhanced Speed​​ - The tiger can reach speeds can exceed that of a Black Star.
  • Immense Durability - Tiger can endure Acta's attacks without flinching.