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    How it's going now

    March 24, 2012 by Aster Selene

    I'm having problems with the internet right now so it's difficult for me to finish the cleanup but I'll work as hard as I can. In any case, since I started work help would be appreciated since you guys now how I'm working now.

    I thought about the Strength situation. Yuu Koutari should cover the original Yuu Koutari, and Strength should cover Strength. This is merely because the ending of the anime has Yuu resuming her life as Yuu and Strength spending the rest of her life as Strength again, so it should end like that.

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  • Aster Selene

    I feel kinda snobbish for writing these blog posts when I'm not an admin or anything but I feel like it's kind of my job to explain what I'm doing since lately I'm the one who's been writing most of the stuff in regards to the 2012 anime.

    Post-Episode 8, I'm doing what should have been done a long time ago and splitting all of the pages.

    For instance, our (obviously) most recurring character, Black★Rock Shooter, will have separate pages for:

    • a disambiguation page, with all the below pages listed
    • her huke concept
    • her appearance in the OVA
    • her appearance in the anime
    • Rock (from Innocent Soul)
    • Insane Black★Rock Shooter
      • Insane Black★Rock Shooter's huke concept
      • Insane Black★Rock Shooter's appearance in the anime
    • Black★Rock Shooter BEAST

    All of the other pa…

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  • Aster Selene

    Okay, so I think Episode 7 gave us all the info we need to sort Yuu and Strength in the right places at least for the article. We have two approaches we can take now.

    We have two articles: Yuu Koutari and Strength.

    Option 1 is place the original Yuu Koutari's profile within the Yuu Koutari article, and the Strength profile within the Strength article. This would likely be the most intuitive and easiest to mentally process for one who's already seen the anime; however, despite the fact that you really shouldn't be reading this wiki if you don't want spoilers, it does have an inherently spoiler-tastic feel to it.

    Option 2 is place Strength's profile within the Yuu Koutari page and mention her backstory, complete with pictures, and say within th…

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  • Aster Selene

    The problem of Yuu is going to be a tricky one, since we now seem to have three characters on our hands:

    • The original Koutari Yuu (whom I am labeling as creepy!Yuu)
    • The current Koutari Yuu, who may not be the same as the original Yuu at all (I am labeling her as spirit!Yuu)
    • Strength, who may or may not be identical to the original Koutari Yuu

    In the hopes to keep this organized, I have a request - this is a request, as I'm not an admin or anything so people can just ignore me, but for the sake of my organization compulsiveness and sanity

    • please do not edit Yuu/Strength's pages, or make or delete pages regarding Yuu, until the issue has been cleared up in a later episode or the anime finishes and
    • please do not make any edits regarding Yuu/Streng…
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  • Aster Selene

    I decided it's too much work to constantly keep updating the character pages so I think I'll wait until the anime is over and then I'll do them all in batch updates.

    That of course doesn't mean other people shouldn't edit so if you can fill it in to the best of your ability that'd be great and I'd really appreciate it. I am however a massive detail freak so I'll prolly go back over them after the anime's done.

    I'll still do detailed anime recaps.

    ...Good god why am I obsessing over this, this is a wiki...

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