The problem of Yuu is going to be a tricky one, since we now seem to have three characters on our hands:

  • The original Koutari Yuu (whom I am labeling as creepy!Yuu)
  • The current Koutari Yuu, who may not be the same as the original Yuu at all (I am labeling her as spirit!Yuu)
  • Strength, who may or may not be identical to the original Koutari Yuu

In the hopes to keep this organized, I have a request - this is a request, as I'm not an admin or anything so people can just ignore me, but for the sake of my organization compulsiveness and sanity

  • please do not edit Yuu/Strength's pages, or make or delete pages regarding Yuu, until the issue has been cleared up in a later episode or the anime finishes and
  • please do not make any edits regarding Yuu/Strength in other pages other than episode recaps or things prior to Episode 6.

If someone edits it now, it's probably going to get really messy when the whole thing gets revealed, like if someone puts creepy!Yuu's backstory in spirit!Yuu's profile or labels creepy!Yuu as Strength and they turn out to be separate characters.

The same would apply in regards to merging or mixing up Black★Gold Saw and Saya's profiles, though of course talking about Saya's past, etc. should be fine.

Thank you for your time.

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