I feel kinda snobbish for writing these blog posts when I'm not an admin or anything but I feel like it's kind of my job to explain what I'm doing since lately I'm the one who's been writing most of the stuff in regards to the 2012 anime.

Post-Episode 8, I'm doing what should have been done a long time ago and splitting all of the pages.

For instance, our (obviously) most recurring character, Black★Rock Shooter, will have separate pages for:

  • a disambiguation page, with all the below pages listed
  • her huke concept
  • her appearance in the OVA
  • her appearance in the anime
  • Rock (from Innocent Soul)
  • Insane Black★Rock Shooter
    • Insane Black★Rock Shooter's huke concept
    • Insane Black★Rock Shooter's appearance in the anime
  • Black★Rock Shooter BEAST

All of the other pages will receive similar splits for their respective continuities.

This also makes organizing the differences between Yuu (OVA), Yuu Koutari (Anime), Strength (OVA), and Strength (Anime) a little easier.

I won't start doing this until after Episode 8 to make sure I have all the necessary information and materials to start the split. In addition, I'll have to work on redirects too, though since that's even more of a nightmare I will request that if you see a loose redirect hanging around after the pages are split, please correct them...

I'll also be cleaning up article descriptions for consistency. I do think it's definitely not my place to be writing a manual of style though, since I'm just an editor with a neurotic organization complex.

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