Some ideas I threw out there:

  • Ordet is not mentioned, and it seems to have nothing to do artistically-wise with the Ordet production. (Notice that the art-background looks nothing like the Otherworld, and that B★RS looks different from her OVA counterpart.)
  • An After The End scenario does not quite fit the "parallel universe" scenario presented in the OVA.
  • Otherwise, B★RS and Dead Master would have to be time traveling, spirit traveling, and utilizing magic at the same time - so the After The End Earth would have to be a very different Earth.
  • Ordet's website even says distinctly that B★RS and Dead Master are in a "different world" and that their fight is happening "somewhere simultaneously". Thus, Mato is not likely to be involved.
  • huke has not mentioned this on his blog, and Ordet has not put it on their website. Make of that what you will.

While this definitely has merit to get on this wiki, we need to make this clear: It has not been confirmed to have anything to do with the OVA - or even huke/ryo - in any way.

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