Okay, so I think Episode 7 gave us all the info we need to sort Yuu and Strength in the right places at least for the article. We have two approaches we can take now.

We have two articles: Yuu Koutari and Strength.

Option 1 is place the original Yuu Koutari's profile within the Yuu Koutari article, and the Strength profile within the Strength article. This would likely be the most intuitive and easiest to mentally process for one who's already seen the anime; however, despite the fact that you really shouldn't be reading this wiki if you don't want spoilers, it does have an inherently spoiler-tastic feel to it.

Option 2 is place Strength's profile within the Yuu Koutari page and mention her backstory, complete with pictures, and say within the article that she's actually Strength - and do so for vice versa with Yuu. This would be more aligned with how we've seen Yuu and the Yuu we're looking for in relation to the OVA and pre-Episode 5, but it's also somewhat confusing to manage.

Both options will require a lot of work (Option 1 will require a lot of text transfer, Option 2 will require a lot of picture transfer) and I'd like to prepare for the giant wiki cleanup I'll be doing next week once the anime ends, so I'd like to get some second opinions on this.

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