aka Magical Girl Aoー式

  • I live in Mekakucity.
  • I was born on March 3
  • My occupation is Akemi Homura's Successor / 魔法少女。
  • I am 少女!
  • Bluejuice

    I hope i can always giving my best of knowledge abour BLACK ROCK SHOOTER! BECAUSE I'M A FAN OF SUPERCELL/HUKE/BRS.PROJECT!

    If you want to follow the original character design huke from Supercell on twitter [ since i can't give you the link ]


    I always followed Him/Her to know about BRS Recent updates [ my Japanese is bad, tough! ]

    I'm looking forward working here, sharing informations with you all. Thanks!

    ~Anata o shitte oite mo yoi!

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