Stage 01: San Francisco

The capsule where BRS is kept arrives at San Francisco. BRS wakes up in the middle of a battle between the surviving human resistance and robots controlled by the alien invaders. BRS then decides to join forces with the humans under UEF-PSS and they begin their mission to eliminate the enemies staying in San Francisco. They are also called to open the gates located at near the shore. On the way, they encounter a generator. BRS is then ordered to take this down. After that the team is attacked by an armament, two of the PSS members defend from it and the whole team questions why BRS is doing nothing. In the Normal Ending of the generator mission, the two members die. In the Good Ending, BRS intervenes and saves them. Later on, after reaching the shore, they are told to open the gate. The gate unfortunately has to be opened in both sides, so BRS is told to go the other side. Upon reaching the other side, an attempt to open the door showed that it lacked the power to open. So BRS is sent to yet another errand, which is to replug all of the power cables. Another attempt successfully opens the gate. During this, BRS senses the presense of MEFE, which she follows to take down. After this, they proceed to go to their base in New York.

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