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Good day everyone! I am the manager of the Black★Rock Shooter Official Site.

I have been receiving a few notifications recently. Here are some of them:

  1. Weekly Famitsu Journal Decides to Publish Articles on BRS Game - On its January 27, 2010 issue, the weekly version of famous video game publication Famitsu Journal announces that they will write articles related to the second chapter of the Black★Rock Shooter RPG.
  2. Trivia Column "JRPG History" Starts! - At the launch of the "JRPG History" Trivia Column on the page, limited edition Black★Rock Shooter THE GAME shirts will be given away for free for the winners of the Quiz section of the column. (The column appears to focus on trivia regarding Japanese-made RPGs.) The column also features a question on every issue, allowing subscribers to answer the question, with a probable prize for a lucky reader who answers it correctly.
    For the first issue, click here (in Japanese).

Well then... please look forward to important updates regarding Black★Rock Shooter THE GAME that will be posted in the upcoming days. Kindly visit the official site for more details on the game and I'll be looking forward to the next update!

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